Arsenal Sign Nuno Tavares

 Mikel Arteta's promise to overhaul the club during this transfer window has finally started.

Whilst many gaps exist in forming a title winning squad, Arteta has strengthened a glaring hole in the squad by strengthening the left back position, one whose only cover during the last season was by the potentially soon to be departed...Granit Xhaka.

So, who exactly has Arteta recruited that could possibly fill the boots of Kieren Tierney?

Nuno Tavares - Benfica Starlet

The name Nuno Tavares may not be entirely unfamiliar to Arsenal fans, given that he has played against them in European competition.

Whilst Nuno was not always first choice for Benfica, he is a promising left back with the kind of attacking threat that Tierney has brought to Arsenal in recent times. With. keen pace, and, by his own words, 'technical ability', Tavares is not yet a seasoned professional. However, what he does bring is suitable squad cover when the oft injured Tierney is out of action..which he likely will be over the coming season or two.

He is likely to assist overcome Arsenal's goal scoring impasse too, how so? Whilst Nuno is a left back, he is a left back in the modern style, one who gets the ball forward with surging runs and penetrating passes.

So, Nuno Tavares will fit perfectly into the style of play that Mikel Arteta is trying to build. Whilst not a clone of Kieren Tierney, he will ensure that when the Scottish international is unwell, that the style of play need not change. And, being only 21 years of age means that a foundation for the 'new Arsenal' will not just be a temporary thing, as it would have been if Arsenal had signed another mooted defender...Ramos.

Small Beginnings

It is clear that the signing of Tavares is promising. However, in itself it would not be a. huge change to the club if it were the last signing of the summer. Much more is required since Arsenal, as Arteta admits, are paying the price for a squad that has been assembled over several years.

Tavares is, at this point, a squad player, not a starter. Just as every building requires a solid foundation, the club also needs a squad with depth, af foundation on which the club can achieve notable heights. Tavares is a brick in the foundation of Arsenal's future..and ambitions.